Perkz Contemplated Retirement in 2021

The Return of Perkz: From Cloud9 to Vitality

Perkz, considered by many as the best European player in the history of League of Legends, faced a challenging year in 2021 with Cloud9, leading to thoughts of retirement.

The highly talented squad formed by the North American organization did not live up to expectations, and after just one year, the star mid laner has decided to return to Europe to play for Vitality.

A Disappointing Year with Cloud9

During the 2020 free agency period, Perkz was the most sought-after player in the market. After spending five successful years with G2, where he helped the organization secure eight European championships and reach the grand final of Worlds 2019, many teams in the West were interested in signing him. Ultimately, C9 won the bidding and secured a two-year contract with the Croatian star, with hopes of dominating the regional scene.

However, things did not go as planned for C9 and Perkz. The team encountered difficulties right from the start and only managed to win the 2021 LCS Spring Split title. They had a top-six finish at the Mid-Season Invitational, came in third in the LCS Summer Split playoffs, and were eliminated by Gen.G in the quarterfinals of Worlds 2021, falling short of expectations.

In an interview with Forbes, Perkz revealed that he had thoughts of retirement and returning to Europe during the summer due to the team’s struggles. However, he recognized that he had a contractual obligation and did not want to join a mediocre team. The pressure to constantly win tournaments and compete against the best players also took a toll on him.

The Decision to Return to Europe

Contrary to popular belief, Perkz had already made the decision to return to Europe before Worlds. He clarified that the results of Worlds did not influence his choice. He informed C9’s CEO, Jack Etienne, about his decision, emphasizing that he would still do his best to win and perform at his highest level.

Now that Perkz has joined Vitality for the 2022 season, he is no longer considering retirement. He aims to build a life in Europe and continue playing for a long time, provided he can manage everything accordingly.

The New Vitality Roster

Vitality has assembled a strong roster for next year, consisting of Perkz, former Team Liquid top laner Alphari, ex-MAD Lions bot laner Carzzy, support Labrov, and jungler Selfmade. This lineup has a genuine chance of winning the LEC.

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