Perfect World and PGL join forces to host official Dota 2 Minor

Perfect World, the publisher of Dota 2 in China, will host an official Dota 2 Minor later this year in collaboration with PGL.

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The tournament, called the “Perfect World Masters,” will have a prize pool of $300,000 and will award official qualification points for The International 8 next year.

There will be ten teams participating in the event, with three receiving direct invites. All major regions in the Dota 2 professional scene will have the chance to qualify. The open qualifiers will take place from Sept. 21 to 24, followed by the regional qualifiers from Sept. 26 to 29.

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The offline group stage will be held from Nov. 19 to 20, followed by the main event from Nov. 26 to 29. Currently, it is unknown if the number of teams will be reduced after the group stage.

The venue for the event has not been announced yet by Perfect World or Valve. However, considering that the 2016 Shanghai Major took place in the Mercedes-Benz Arena, it is possible that the event will be held there.

Perfect World has a reputation in the Dota 2 community for poor production values and handling of issues during event broadcasts. Past events have experienced significant delays, audio and video problems, and misplacement of players’ equipment.

However, the 2017 Dota 2 Asia Championship, despite being organized by Perfect World, was highly praised for its production quality. With PGL’s involvement in the Perfect World Masters, there is hope that the event will be well-executed. PGL has a strong track record of running successful Dota 2 events in the past year.

The Chinese teams participating in the Perfect World Masters not only aim to defend their home turf but also seek revenge for the Western victory at TI7.

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