Patch 7.20 Continues to Implement Updates

Dota 2’s Latest Patch Brings Major Changes

About a week after the release of Dota 2’s 7.20 patch, players are still adjusting to the new meta. Even the smallest tweaks, like a slight increase in movement speed, can have a big impact on how heroes are played.

Valve has already released three updates for the 7.20 patch as of November 24th. These updates mainly focused on refining the changes made in previous updates, but there were also a few new additions.

Notable Changes in 7.20

Ring of Aquila, one of the game’s oldest items, has been removed. Its versatility made it a staple item for many heroes, and its removal opens the door for other items to be removed as well.

The Deny System has been reworked to give dominant heroes more gold and less XP. This change encourages more aggressive gameplay and may lead to further changes in the future.

Valve has shifted the focus to gold rather than XP in this patch. This change is likely to affect jungle strategies and lane distribution.

The Wraith Band item has been reworked to discourage its heavy usage in the early game. Its price has increased, but it now provides small increases in base stats.

The map has also undergone significant changes, with the addition of new ramps and altered high and low areas. These changes will require players to adapt their strategies accordingly.

In addition to these changes, heroes have been nerfed and buffed to shake up the meta. However, there are many more details and changes to explore in the 7.20 patch.

Players will have the opportunity to experiment with the new patch before big events take place. More updates are expected in the future.

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