Patch 7.06 is here for Dota 2 and it brings exciting changes

Valve releases Patch 7.06 for Dota 2

Valve has recently released Patch 7.06 for Dota 2, a major update that will bring significant changes to the game. This update is expected to be the last one before The International 7 in August.

The patch, named “Gameplay Update 7.06,” includes both large and small-scale changes that will have an impact on every aspect of Dota 2. While it will take some time for players and fans to fully understand the philosophy behind these changes, a noticeable trend is that Dota 2 tends to balance the game by making everything more powerful.

One of the notable changes in this patch is the alteration of Dota 2’s deny mechanics. Denying creeps now grants 30% of the experience bounty to the team that denies them, incentivizing players to deny creeps throughout the entire game. This change has various implications, from helping mid players gain an experience advantage to allowing level-starved supports to catch up in experience more quickly.

Additionally, Patch 7.06 introduces a shift in item recipes, favoring the use of additional components in compound items instead of recipes. For example, the Mask of Madness now requires a Morbid Mask and a Quarterstaff, rather than a Morbid Mask and a recipe. Hero talents that influence respawn timers have also been replaced.

For a complete list of changes, you can visit the Dota 2 website.

Patch 7.06 to debut in the Mr. Cat Invitational

The competitive debut of Patch 7.06 will take place today in the playoffs of the Mr. Cat Invitational. The semi-final best-of-three series will see Virtus Pro take on Team Empire.

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