Palworld: Recommended Levels for Each Region – Map Level Zones

The highly anticipated open-world survival game, PALworld, is set to launch soon, and players are eager to explore its vast and immersive world. One crucial aspect of the game is understanding the different level zones in the map, as each region presents unique challenges and rewards. In this article, we will take a closer look at the recommended levels for each region, enabling players to navigate PALworld with confidence.

The first region players will encounter is Verdant Valley, a lush and serene landscape filled with abundant resources. This is the initial zone where players begin their journey as they uncover the secrets of PALworld. With its gentle slopes and meandering rivers, Verdant Valley is the perfect starting point for players to familiarize themselves with the game mechanics and embark on their adventures. Players at level 1-5 will find suitable challenges and opportunities to enhance their skills and progress further.

As players gain experience and grow stronger, they will venture into the thrilling Thundering Crag region. This area poses slightly higher difficulty compared to the Starting Zone, with more formidable enemies and treacherous landscapes. Players at level 6-10 will find exciting quests and valuable loot as they brave the dangers that await in Thundering Crag. It is essential for players to sharpen their combat skills and hone their strategies to triumph over the obstacles in this challenging zone.

The Haunted Forest is a daunting and mysterious realm, reserved for the most skilled and experienced players. It is a place shrouded in darkness and filled with terrifying creatures, requiring meticulous planning and precise execution. Players at level 11 and beyond will face formidable challenges that demand expertise in combat and resource management. However, those who dare to enter the Haunted Forest will reap the rarest rewards and uncover the deepest secrets of PALworld.


Understanding the recommended level for each region is vital for players to thrive in PALworld. From the tranquility of Verdant Valley to the perils of Thundering Crag and the foreboding Haunted Forest, each zone offers its own unique experiences and opportunities for players to test their skills. By utilizing this knowledge and adopting a strategic approach, players can navigate PALworld confidently and make the most of their journey. We wish all adventurers the best of luck as they embark on this thrilling open-world adventure!

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