Palworld player reveals 20 previously removed features that might make a comeback

20 Intriguing Features Teased in Palworld’s Trailers

Discovering new and exciting elements in a survival game like Palworld is always a delight. However, what if there were even more features to explore? A user, known as u/Unhappy_Panic_1875, recently uncovered 20 fascinating features from old trailers that were never implemented in the game. This revelation has sparked curiosity among players, who wonder if PocketPair might introduce these features in the future.

Unveiling Deleted Palworld Features

On February 11, u/Unhappy_Panic_1875 shared screenshots on Reddit showcasing 20 intriguing features that were teased in initial trailers but ultimately not included in the game. It is possible that these features were cut during the development process due to constraints. However, some players in the thread speculate that these features may have been purely aesthetic graphics not intended to be actual gameplay elements.

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