Palworld Developer Accuses AI of Slander and Artists of Receiving Death Threats

Palworld Creator Speaks Out Against Misleading AI Claims and Death Threats

Palworld, the highly anticipated upcoming game, has recently been embroiled in controversy as its creator, Meng Li, responds to slanderous claims and death threats targeted at the game’s artists.

Addressing Misinformation about AI

In the midst of promoting Palworld, Li felt compelled to clarify misconceptions surrounding the game’s use of artificial intelligence (AI). The accusations of using stolen AI code or plagiarism were categorically rejected, with Li asserting that Palworld’s AI was independently developed from scratch, tailored specifically for the game.

Li emphasized the immense time, effort, and resources invested in creating the unique AI that powers Palworld. These claims against the game’s AI were not only false but also detrimental to the reputation of both the game and its developers.

Condemning Death Threats towards Artists

Beyond the baseless allegations, Li also took a stand against the appalling death threats directed at the game’s artists. The threatening messages, originating from anonymous sources, not only targeted the individuals’ artistic abilities but also their personal lives.

Palworld’s creator expressed deep concern for the mental well-being and safety of the artists, highlighting the need for respect and tolerance within the gaming community. Li called for an end to these malicious attacks, urging fans and players to support and appreciate the hard work put in by the game’s artists.

Spreading Positivity and Appreciation

In light of these challenges, Li aims to foster a positive environment around Palworld by emphasizing the team’s dedication, creativity, and their commitment to providing an exceptional gaming experience. The Palworld community is encouraged to engage constructively and show appreciation for the talent and efforts of the game’s developers and artists.

Transitioning into a brighter future, Li hopes that open and respectful communication will prevail, allowing Palworld to thrive and deliver an innovative and enjoyable gaming experience for all fans.

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