Origen makes a comeback, destroys G2 Esports in day 2 of LEC Summer Split

Origen Defeats G2 Esports in Upset Victory

After a disappointing loss against SK Gaming, Origen came back strong to secure a victory against the reigning champions, G2 Esports. Origen had previously showcased their skills in the Spring Split, but fell short against G2. This win against G2 is a clear example of Origen’s determination for revenge.

Yesterday’s disappointment is a thing of the past as Origen showed their potential to challenge G2’s dominance.

Origen started strong, gaining a 2,000 gold lead and securing four kills over G2 within the first 10 minutes. The turning point came at the five-minute mark when Jankos attempted to secure first blood on Upset but ended up giving Origen the advantage instead.

G2 is known for their comebacks, but by the time Origen secured their third dragon, it was clear that G2 couldn’t turn the game around. Origen’s victory was well-deserved.

Alphari’s outstanding performance earned him the title of KIA Player of the Week. With a flawless KDA and high kill participation, Alphari proved once again that he is a key player on Origen’s roster.

Tomorrow, Origen will face Misfits at 12pm CT in the first LEC Summer Split Super Week, while G2 will have the opportunity to prove their dominance against Vitality at 1pm CT.

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