OpTic Gaming and VGJ.Thunder to Compete for TI8 Spot in China Dota 2 Supermajor

Teams Battle for Automatic Spots in The International 8

Before the last major event of the season, five teams are vying for the final four automatic spots in The International 8.

While teams can still qualify through regional qualifiers, securing an automatic spot in the biggest tournament of the year is the preferred outcome.

The International 8 Spots

Virtus Pro, Team Secret, PSG.LGD, and Team Liquid have already secured their spots at The International 8. The remaining four automatic qualifying teams will be determined at the China Dota 2 Supermajor starting on June 2.

If competing teams make roster changes, they will not receive an automatic spot and will need to play through the open qualifiers.

Teams Still Battling for Qualification

There are only five teams left with a chance to qualify, but with only four spots remaining, the matches are expected to be intense. Here are the current standings for the top nine teams in the Dota Pro Circuit:

OpTic Gaming – 1,800 DPC points

OpTic Gaming is the only team outside of the top eight with a chance to automatically qualify for The International 8. Their road to qualification won’t be easy, as they need to place fourth or better and also rely on the placements of other teams.

VGJ.Thunder – 1,935 DPC points

VGJ.Thunder has the opportunity to improve their standings and keep OpTic Gaming from the top eight. They will face OpTic Gaming in their first match of the China Dota 2 Supermajor, which could determine OpTic’s fate.

Newbee – 2,445 DPC points

Newbee has had an inconsistent season, which leaves their qualification for TI8 uncertain. If VGJ.Thunder and OpTic Gaming perform well, Newbee may need to go through the qualifiers.

Vici Gaming – 2,835 DPC points

Vici Gaming’s strong performances throughout the season have put them in a safer spot compared to other teams. They have a good chance of sealing a TI8 berth with another strong performance.

Mineski – 3,150 DPC points

Mineski’s recent major championship win solidifies their chances of qualifying for TI8, especially after consistent top six finishes in subsequent events.

Team Secret – 4,800 DPC points

With a major title and two minor titles, Team Secret has secured a guaranteed slot for The International 8. However, their recent results have been less than ideal.

Team Liquid – 6,084 DPC points

Despite not winning a major event this season, Team Liquid’s three minor titles and consistent results have positioned them well for TI8. The China Dota 2 Supermajor is their last chance to regain momentum before defending their championship.

PSG.LGD – 6,321 DPC points

PSG.LGD’s recent wins and strong performances make them one of the hottest teams in the world. Their momentum leading up to The International bodes well for their chances.

Virtus Pro – 10,347 DPC points

Virtus Pro’s dominant form throughout the season has secured them the top spot in the Dota Pro Circuit standings. With their recent ESL One Birmingham title, they are in a strong position to finish the season with another major championship win.

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