OpTic achieves impressive speed at SLi Invitational, earns first Pro Circuit points

OpTic Gaming Makes a Strong Start in StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational

In a series of games during the StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational, OpTic Gaming, a North American team, secured their first Dota 2 Pro Circuit points. They showcased impressive gameplay, particularly in their victories against Team Kinguin and Vici Gaming J Thunder.

OpTic Gaming dominated their match against Team Kinguin, defeating them in three games and securing a spot in the elimination match. They then easily triumphed over Vici Gaming J Thunder in just two games.

During their match against Vici Gaming J Thunder, OpTic Gaming displayed exceptional teamwork and strategy. They used Ancient Apparition, a popular hero in the North American scene, effectively countering Vici Gaming’s reliance on Death Prophet. Ppd, the team’s captain, averaged 14 assists on Ancient Apparition, effectively shutting down Vici Gaming’s Death Prophet and other heroes vulnerable to Ice Blast.

With this victory, Vici Gaming J Thunder will need to fight for their tournament survival against the winner of the FlyToMoon vs Kinguin match, scheduled for tomorrow at 2am CT.

OpTic Gaming’s success in this event has earned them at least 30 Pro Circuit points, a milestone since the season started in October last year. While they still have a long way to go to secure a spot at the International 8, this is a positive sign for their future. If they can maintain their momentum and potentially win this event, they may have an easier time qualifying for ESL One Birmingham or the China Supermajor later in the season.

However, OpTic Gaming will need to achieve something remarkable in one of the two Majors they can participate in if they want to break into the top eight spots in the Pro Circuit standings. Given the competition they might face in the Majors, it seems unlikely that they will receive a direct invitation to TI8.

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