OpenAI to Go Head-to-Head with Human Dota 2 Team in Live Twitch Showdown on July 28

OpenAI Five Set to Compete Live on Twitch Against Human Dota 2 Team

The artificial intelligence known as OpenAI Five, developed by research company OpenAI, is gearing up for its first-ever live match against a human Dota 2 team. The event is scheduled to take place on July 28 and will be streamed on Twitch for public viewing.

This is not the first time OpenAI has faced off against human players. However, this will be the first time that a match between OpenAI Five and a human team will be livestreamed for the public. The news was reported by Gamasutra.

Last week, OpenAI announced that their AI bot had advanced enough to defeat a team of human players with a minimum matchmaking rating (MMR) of 5,000. This is a significant achievement, as the default Dota 2 bots developed by Valve cannot achieve this level without cheating.

The bot learns advanced mechanics, strategy, and game sense by playing against itself. OpenAI claims that the bot has played the equivalent of 180 years’ worth of Dota 2 games so far. It has also developed its own playstyle focused on ganking.

However, there are still areas where the bot can improve. OpenAI has yet to develop a strong last-hitting rhythm, which is crucial when playing against professional teams who maximize their gold earnings on the map.

OpenAI Five to Compete Against Professional Team at The International 8

In addition to the upcoming Twitch showmatch, OpenAI Five will also be participating in The International 8 in August. The bot will face off against a professional team in front of a live audience in Vancouver.

The list of players that OpenAI will be competing against on Twitch has not been announced yet. However, given the bot’s ability to defeat highly skilled non-professional players, it is likely that it will be pitted against players with 6,000 or higher MMR.

Regardless of the opponents, the match is expected to be an intriguing battle between man and machine. Make sure to tune in to the official OpenAI Twitch channel to watch the action unfold.

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