Only four matches will be played on the main stage at ESL One Katowice.

ESL One Katowice, a major Dota 2 tournament, is set to begin in 10 days. However, it seems that only four sets will be played live in the Spodek Arena, where the main event will take place. This information was shared in a tweet by the official ESL Dota 2 Twitter account earlier today.

The tweet revealed the tournament’s schedule for January 24 and 25, showing that only the second quarterfinal, the two semifinals, and the grand finals will be part of the main event. The earlier playoff rounds are not included.

As a result, the arena will only be used for two out of the five days of the tournament. This decision has sparked frustration among the Dota 2 community, especially for those who have already bought tickets and made travel arrangements to attend the event. Fans and community members have expressed disappointment, arguing that a 16-team, million-dollar tournament should offer more.

Despite the backlash, ESL has not yet responded to the criticism. However, considering their presence on social media platforms like Reddit, it is likely that they will release a statement soon.

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