OG Faces Early Exit as Mineski Stages Epic Comeback to Win the AMD Dota 2 Pro Series

Mineski wins the biggest Dota 2 tournament in Australia

Mineski achieved a remarkable reverse sweep against Newbee.MGB in the finals of the biggest Dota 2 tournament ever held in Australia. They claimed victory and took home the largest portion of the $50,000 AUD prize pool.

OG’s early exit from the tournament

Current International champions, OG, were knocked out early in the tournament by Newbee.MGB. Although OG played with a weakened roster, their performance may have been different if they had their full lineup.

Former TI champion drives Newbee.MGB

Luo “Ferrari_430” Feichi, the former TI champion, played a crucial role in Newbee.MGB’s journey to the finals. They started with a 2-0 lead against Mineski, but couldn’t maintain their momentum. Mineski utilized strategic team plays to make a comeback and secure victory.

Mineski’s general manager expresses excitement

Zak Holman, the general manager of Mineski, expressed his immense excitement to compete in Australia. He praised his team’s ability to regroup during the finals and commended Kpii’s win on home soil.

Kpii’s previous experience with Newbee

Damien “Kpii” Chok had previously played with Newbee and reached the grand finals of The International 2017, but fell short against Team Liquid. With Mineski, Kpii has found his place and the team is expected to reach new heights in the future.

Success of the event despite challenges

The Australian Dota 2 community celebrated the success of the event, despite facing challenges such as direct IP attacks and lag issues. The organizers and teams overcame these obstacles, with the casting team making commendable efforts to ensure a smooth experience for viewers.

Convictus Esports, the event organizer, addressed the issues on Twitter and expressed gratitude to everyone involved. They promised to take precautions in the future to prevent similar problems.

Looking ahead, the only suggestion for improvement would be to limit the unconventional tradition of drinking out of shoes during the event.

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