OG emerges victorious over PSG.LGD in The International 8

OG Upsets Favorites PSG.LGD to Win The International 8

The largest prize pool in esports history has been won by OG, who emerged as underdogs in an intense best-of-five series against Chinese favorites PSG.LGD. The intense six-hour-long series saw both teams push each other to their limits.

Game One: PSG.LGD Takes Early Lead

In the first game, PSG.LGD dominated the early game by targeting Ana Pham’s Spectre and pressuring the offlane. However, OG managed to secure major pickoffs at the 21-minute mark, preventing PSG.LGD from snowballing. Ana’s ultra kill at the 26-minute mark turned the tide in OG’s favor, leading them to victory.

Game Two: PSG.LGD Strikes Back

In the second game, PSG.LGD continued their aggression, shutting down OG’s star player Topson. OG struggled to find their momentum as PSG.LGD controlled the map and took the victory.

Game Three: fy Shines for PSG.LGD

In the third game, PSG.LGD’s fy stole the show as Phoenix. Despite Topson’s impressive performance on Morphling, PSG.LGD’s core heroes came online at the 25-minute mark and overwhelmed OG, giving PSG.LGD a 2-1 series lead.

Game Four: OG Stages a Comeback

In the fourth game, OG’s Ceb played an exceptional Axe, securing multiple kills and creating space for Topson and ana. Despite losing their barracks, OG mounted a comeback and won the game after several teamfights.

Game Five: OG Takes the Victory

PSG.LGD took an early lead in the final game, but OG turned the tide with successful teamfights. OG secured their first set of barracks and continued to dominate. PSG.LGD couldn’t stop OG’s momentum, and OG emerged as the champions of The International 8, winning the largest esports prize pool of $11 million.

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