OG and Team Secret delay match at Epicenter due to player illness

Dota 2 Teams Postpone Game Due to Minor Emergency

Two of the world’s leading Dota 2 teams had to put a game on hold due to a minor emergency. Team Secret and reigning Valve Major champions OG were scheduled to play, but the game was paused when one of Team Secret’s players, Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat, was taken to the hospital.

Expecting to Resume the Series

Team Secret later tweeted that YapzOr’s hospitalization was mainly precautionary, and they anticipate resuming the series against OG later in the day.

Team Secret’s Performance in 2017

Team Secret has been struggling for notable results in 2017, but they have been performing well at Epicenter Season 2, defeating Team Liquid and Na’Vi in the previous days. OG, on the other hand, has a win/loss record of 1-2.

YapzOr Confirms Ability to Play

While the details of the minor emergency remain unknown, YapzOr has tweeted that he will be able to play in the series at the designated time.

After the delays, Secret will have to face LGD.Forever Young in their final group stage game on June 8, although the specific time has yet to be determined.

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