Confido Network launched by Oddschecker to broaden its reach

Oddschecker Expands Scope with Confido Network Launch

Oddschecker Global Media (OGM) is excited to announce the launch of the Confido Network, a new iGaming publisher network that aims to transform the sports-affiliate partnership landscape.

OGM has become a well-known name in the sports-affiliate industry, delivering top-notch sports publishing and establishing strong relationships with operators. The experienced team at OGM is trusted by affiliates and operators alike.

The Confido Network is a collaboration of digital marketing experts with extensive experience in the iGaming sector. Led by Hannah Fox, OGM’s Head of Media Network, and Michelle Lennox, the team brings a collective 35 years of SEO, backlink, and affiliate expertise.

This new venture will revolutionize the affiliate network landscape by enhancing backlink strategies and providing more effective sub-affiliate links. Drawing from a decade of experience managing affiliate networks, this team will reshape the way iGaming publishers and operators work together.

Confido Network will offer nearly 1,000 deals from over 200 renowned brands, including BetMGM, Unibet, and bet365. With access to more than 70 affiliate programs, partners will benefit from a single account manager, a unified statistics platform, and a reliable monthly payment system.

Richard Gale, Chief Revenue Officer of Oddschecker Global Media, stated that the vision for Confido Network is to become the largest, most reputable, and most trusted network in the iGaming industry. This partnership aims to elevate the earning potential of both operators and affiliates through exceptional customer service and innovative technology solutions.

The launch of Confido Network reflects Oddschecker Global Media’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the iGaming affiliate industry. This marks an exciting step forward and presents incredible opportunities for all involved.

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