Nongshim RedForce Causes Major Upset Against DRX in 2021 LCK Spring Split

DRX Upset by Nongshim RedForce in LCK Spring Split

The match between DRX and Nongshim RedForce in the LCK Spring Split turned out to be a shocking upset, as the rookies from Nongshim RedForce emerged victorious with a 2-1 win. DRX struggled to maintain their composure throughout the series, while the veteran players Kellin and Peanut of Nongshim RedForce performed exceptionally well, leading their rookie teammates to a surprising victory.

Gameplay Highlights: Kellin’s Roams and DRX’s Redemption

The first game saw Kellin taking charge on Rell and making early game skirmishes, with his impressive map coverage and engages. This led Nongshim RedForce to secure a win in the first game. However, DRX bounced back in the second game, successfully securing Rell and overpowering their opponents.

NS’s Victory and Playoff Hopes

With the series tied, DRX banned Rell in the third game to prevent a first pick from Nongshim RedForce. However, NS shifted their focus to Seraphine and built a strong utility-oriented team composition. They dominated DRX in teamfights, securing the upset victory. This thrilling win puts NS in the sixth seed, ensuring a playoff spot. With upcoming matches against weaker teams, NS has a chance to further solidify their position and secure the playoff spot over KT Rolster.

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