Ning’s outstanding performance leads IG to victory over Rogue Warriors

Invictus Gaming dominated Rogue Warriors in the 2020 LPL Summer Split, winning both games in under 30 minutes.

Jungler Ning, who is not typically known for his early game performance, carried Invictus Gaming to victory. He played Rek’Sai in the first game and Lee Sin in the second, earning MVP votes for his exceptional play.

The first game showcased Ning’s dominance on Rek’Sai. He established early leads in all lanes and supported his teammates to win their lanes easily.

Rogue Warriors managed to secure some early objectives, such as the Rift Herald, dragons, and Tower Plates, but these were insignificant compared to Invictus Gaming’s lead. After obtaining the Baron buff, Invictus Gaming extended their lead to over 10,000 gold and closed out the game comfortably.

Despite swapping out their solo laners for the second game, Rogue Warriors couldn’t turn the tides. Ning, playing his signature Lee Sin, replicated his performance from the first game by creating early advantages in every lane and countering Rogue Warriors’ ganks.

With no leads in any lane, Rogue Warriors fell behind in objectives and items. After securing the first Baron at around 20 minutes and extending their lead to over 12,000 gold, Invictus Gaming pushed to end the game.

Today’s series was a success for Invictus Gaming, demonstrating their ability to excel in the early game. TheShy also performed well after a few lackluster months, playing cautiously and avoiding unnecessary deaths in the top lane.

In the previous split, Invictus Gaming finished in first place during the regular season but came up short in the playoffs, losing to FunPlus Phoenix in the third-place match. They have now settled on former world champion Ning as their starting jungler for the summer split.

Next, Invictus Gaming will face EDG, with the opportunity to claim the top spot in the LPL Summer Split standings. You can catch the match on the official Riot Games LPL channel on Sunday, June 21.

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