Newbee dominates Planet Odd to claim victory in Galaxy Battles

Newbee Dominates Galaxy Battles, Reaffirms Dota 2 Supremacy

Newbee, the powerhouse Chinese Dota 2 team, showed their dominance once again by sweeping Planet Odd in a three-game series at Galaxy Battles in Shenzhen, China. This victory not only earned them a $150,000 prize, but also solidified their position as one of China’s top Dota 2 teams.

Newbee’s recent success continues their impressive streak, with this being their fourth top placement in the past four weeks. Just two weeks ago, they emerged victorious at ZOTAC Cup, further reinforcing their claim for an invitation to the highly-anticipated International 7, which is expected to be announced in the coming week.

Throughout the grand finals, Newbee showcased their prowess in teamfights, gradually overpowering Planet Odd despite the latter’s strong laning phase performance. Newbee’s strategic focus on tanky heroes gave them an advantage, while Planet Odd struggled with execution, consistently missing crucial plays. This lack of coordination ultimately cost them the series against Newbee’s flawless teamwork.

Despite their defeat, Planet Odd can find solace in their third-place finish, marking a significant improvement after months of struggling results. Previously known as Thunderbirds and Digital Chaos, the team has faced difficulties since leaving their previous organization. Their performance in this tournament signifies a potential comeback for a team that many had dismissed.

Looking ahead, Planet Odd aims to compete in the North American qualifiers for the International 7, scheduled to commence next week. However, they will need to step up their game to contend with regional rivals Team NP and Digital Chaos, who showcased impressive performances at the recent Summit 7 tournament.

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