Newbee advances to TI7 upper bracket semifinals, eliminates Evil Geniuses

Chinese Teams Advance to Upper Bracket Semifinals in Dota 2 Event

Two Chinese teams have made it to the upper bracket semifinals of the largest Dota 2 event to date.

After Invictus Gaming’s surprising win against Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses were also beaten by the Chinese powerhouse team Newbee. In an intense series, Newbee won two straight games, sending another tournament favorite to the lower bracket.

Game 1: Evil Geniuses Takes an Early Lead

Evil Geniuses struck first in the opening game as they invaded the Radiant jungle and picked off Newbee offlaner Damien “kpii” Chok’s Abaddon to secure first blood. They continued to dominate the early game by killing kpii two more times, giving Evil Geniuses a strong advantage.

Evil Geniuses capitalized on their early lead, making successful cross-map plays that Newbee struggled to respond to. However, Newbee retaliated with repeated ganks in the midlane, allowing their midlaner to become a formidable threat.

Despite Evil Geniuses’ initial advantage, they made a fatal mistake by pushing down Newbee’s midlane, resulting in five deaths within five minutes. Newbee’s cores were able to catch up and surpass their Evil Geniuses counterparts, leading to Newbee’s victory after 37 minutes.

Game 2: Newbee Strikes Back

In the second game, both teams traded kills early on, but Newbee had a strong start to the laning phase. Evil Geniuses’ draft centered around teamfighting, which paid off when they successfully engaged Newbee inside the Roshan pit. This gave Evil Geniuses a significant gold lead.

Evil Geniuses maintained their momentum for nearly 15 minutes, seemingly securing a win in the third game. However, another overextension by Evil Geniuses allowed Newbee to regain control. Newbee destroyed Evil Geniuses’ barracks, turning the game in their favor.

In a prolonged engagement, both teams exchanged buybacks, but it didn’t yield much for Newbee. Evil Geniuses attempted a last-ditch effort to end the game but failed. With Newbee thwarting their attempt and scoring multiple kills, Evil Geniuses conceded the second game of the series.

Impressive Performance by Chinese Teams

With these victories, two Chinese teams, Invictus Gaming and Newbee, have secured spots in the upper bracket semifinals of the Dota 2 event. It will be exciting to see how they continue to perform against their opponents.

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