New Release: Introducing the Carmine Cascade Treasure with Exciting Tweaks

Valve Releases New Treasure for Dota 2

Valve has launched a new treasure, called the Treasure of the Carmine Cascade, following the 7.19d update for Dota 2. Players now have the opportunity to obtain all-new item sets for several heroes including Ancient Apparition, Ember Spirit, Oracle, Batrider, Visage, Skywrath Mage, and Razor. Additionally, there are chances to acquire rare Earthshaker, Dark Willow, and Nature’s Prophet bundles.

Simplified Odds and Enhanced Transparency

In an effort to improve transparency and address gambling concerns, Valve has reworked the odds for treasure rewards. As players open the treasure, they can now click on the escalating odds arrow to view the exact likelihood of receiving rarer items based on the number of treasures already opened. These changes make the loot box system more straightforward and transparent, mitigating potential gambling issues for Valve in the future.

Recycling Perks and Hero Item Shuffle

Dota Plus subscribers now have the option to recycle unwanted perks for treasure fragments. When six fragments from the same treasure are accumulated, they can be exchanged for another copy of the item, along with an additional 2,000 Dota Plus shards. These shards can be used to purchase exclusive items in the marketplace. Furthermore, a new feature allows players to automatically shuffle between a hero’s item sets after every match, simply by enabling the shuffle icon next to the loadouts and selecting the desired sets.

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