Na`Vi secures a spot in Epicenter through victorious online fan vote

Na`Vi Secures Spot at Epicenter Dota 2 Event in Russia

Na`Vi, a renowned brand in the Dota 2 community, has won a fan vote to secure their place at the upcoming Epicenter event held in Russia. This event is considered to be the biggest Dota 2 tournament in the country.

After the regional qualifiers concluded, the organizers of the $500,000 Epicenter event allowed fans to decide which team should receive the last invitation. The teams in the running for the vote were Na`Vi, Faceless, LGD, and NP Gaming.

Although Na`Vi fell just short of qualifying through the European/CIS qualifiers, they showcased an impressive performance by defeating teams like Vega Squadron and Alliance on their way to the finals. Ultimately, they were defeated by Team Secret.

The fan vote was conducted on social media, and Na`Vi emerged as the clear winner with a commanding lead of 74 percent of the total votes cast. This outcome is hardly surprising considering Na`Vi’s rich history within the Dota 2 community and their strong presence on social media compared to the other teams in the vote.

This is not the first time that fan votes have determined a team’s participation in a LAN event. Beyond the Summit, another tournament organizer, has previously held “redemption votes” that allowed fans to vote for a team that failed to qualify earlier. However, the voting process for Epicenter was different as it was done publicly, meaning the most popular team would secure the final slot regardless.

ESForce, the parent company of Epicenter, owns both Virtus Pro and SK Gaming organizations, as well as the media rights to Na`vi. It is in Epicenter’s interest to have Na`Vi participate in their event.

The Epicenter LAN finals are scheduled to take place from June 4 to 11.

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