NA LCS Week 2 (Spring 2015) – Impressive and Disappointing Performances in Fantasy

NA Week 2 Studs

Top Lane – CST Cris

Cris had a great Week 1 performance and is still a solid player. However, be cautious as he will be facing tough opponents in Week 3.

Jungle – TSM Santorin

Santorin had a great week and showcased a larger champion pool than his predecessor. He should continue to perform well in Week 3.

Mid Lane – CLG Link

Link had a great second week, showing improvement on non-utility champions. Although he still has more to prove, he had a solid showing in Week 2.

AD – TSM WildTurtle

WildTurtle had a respectable performance on both Kalista and Tristana. He has easy matchups in the upcoming week, so he is likely to provide good points again.

Support – TSM Lustboy

Lustboy had a great week, especially with his Annie play. With favorable matchups in Week 3, he is expected to have another strong week.

Team – Team SoloMid

TSM had a great week as most of their players performed well. With easy matchups in the upcoming week, they are expected to have another strong performance.

NA Week 2 Duds

Top Lane – TL Quas

Quas had a tough week due to difficult matchups. He should bounce back in Week 3.

Jungle – TL IWDominate

IWDominate had a disappointing week as Team Liquid struggled. However, he has easier matchups in the upcoming week.

Mid Lane – DIG Shiphtur

Shiphtur struggled due to his passive playstyle and the weakness of his team. Don’t expect much from him in the future.

AD – TL Piglet

Piglet had a letdown week, but should bounce back in the future as he faces easier opponents.

Support – TL Xpecial

Xpecial had a rough week, but he is a good support and will bounce back as Team Liquid faces easier matchups.

Team – Team Liquid

Team Liquid had a disappointing week and underperformed at an individual and team level. However, they have easier matchups in the upcoming week.

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