Misfits secure victory against Origen, claiming their first win of the LEC 2020 Summer Split

Misfits Bounce Back with a Convincing Victory against Origen

Misfits showed their resilience in the 2020 League of Legends Summer Split by securing a win against Origen after a disappointing start. The match lasted just over 30 minutes, and Misfits displayed a level of performance similar to their impressive showing against Fnatic in the previous game.

Maurice “Amazing” Stückenshneider, a member of the Misfits team, expressed his belief that their performance against Fnatic truly reflects the team’s strengths. If Misfits can maintain this level of play, they have the potential to become one of the standout teams in this split.

The early game was dominated by Misfits, with their two dragons and 1,000 gold advantage at the 13-minute mark. Origen managed to turn the tide temporarily by securing two Ocean Drakes, but neither team had a clear advantage 25 minutes into the game.

However, the game-changing moment came during a fight in the top lane. One missed shot from Upset, a member of Origen, gave Misfits the advantage, and they took control of the game from that point onward. Their momentum carried them to a well-deserved victory.

Origen’s fate was ultimately sealed in a fiery battle over the Baron pit. Misfits emerged victorious, solidifying their first win of the Summer Split. On the other hand, despite a dominating victory over G2, Origen will have to recover from two significant losses.

The second week of the LEC, starting on June 19, will show whether Misfits can maintain their impressive performance and if Origen can mount a comeback. Fans can look forward to exciting matches and see how these teams fare against their opponents.

Misfits will face off against SK Gaming on June 19 at 1pm CT.

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