Misfits makes changes to their lineup, benching MikyX and promoting Jesiz to the starting roster

Misfits Promote Jesiz to Starting Support Position

Misfits, the EU LCS team currently leading the standings, has made a roster change ahead of their match against H2K. The team has promoted their strategic coach Jesse “Jesiz” Le to the starting support position in an effort to improve their performance and add stability.

According to Misfits head coach Hussain Moosvi, this decision was made due to lackluster performances and slow improvement over the past few weeks. By moving Jesiz to the starting lineup, the team hopes to turn things around.

In May, Jesiz joined Misfits as part of their coaching staff after playing support for Fnatic. During his time with Fnatic, Jesiz attended the World Championship. However, following Fnatic’s top eight finish, Jesiz was benched and later went on loan to Origen for the European Masters tournament.

Shortly after returning from Origen, Jesiz left Fnatic and joined Misfits. Although it is unclear whether this roster change is permanent, it remains to be seen if support Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle will regain his spot on the team next week.

Jesiz will make his debut as Misfits’ support in their match against H2K today at 12pm CT.

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