Misfits defy odds to revive LEC playoff hopes, stunning victory over Fnatic

Misfits Gaming Upset Victory Keeps Spring Split Playoff Dreams Alive

If you were expecting a smooth sailing during this LEC superweek, think again. Misfits Gaming achieved a major upset victory against Fnatic today, keeping their hopes of reaching the Spring Split playoffs alive. This win also ensures that the final day of games will be the most exciting one.

Misfits have struggled to find consistency throughout the League of Legends split, despite having a talented roster of young rookies. However, they have made an impressive surge in the past three weeks, winning five out of their last six games.

On the other hand, Fnatic hasn’t displayed the same level of strength as we have seen from them in the past few years. However, they had a great opportunity to secure a playoff spot with their upcoming matches against Schalke 04 and Misfits. A single win would guarantee their qualification.

Unfortunately, Fnatic had one of their worst performances in the 2021 Spring Split. They made critical errors such as a failed dive in the bottom lane and a disastrous top lane dive. These mistakes put them at a disadvantage from the very beginning. Misfits’ AD carry, Kobbe, took advantage of the situation and earned numerous kills and tower plates, setting him up for a massive lead that Fnatic couldn’t overcome.

With this loss, Fnatic’s hopes of reaching the playoffs have taken a hit. They now face a challenging match against Rogue on the final day, which has become a must-win game for them. Hopefully, Fnatic can regroup and refocus in time for the decisive day of the regular season.

Don’t miss the action tomorrow as the 2021 LEC Spring Split regular season concludes at 11am CT.

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