Mikyx Reveals He Is Still Unattached for 2022 LEC Spring Split

Veteran European Support Mikyx Unable to Find Team for 2022 Spring Split

The 2021 offseason for League of Legends has claimed another casualty. Mikyx, a veteran European support player, has announced that he was unable to secure a team for the upcoming 2022 Spring Split.

A Disheartening Trend for Talented Players

Mikyx joins a list of other talented players, such as Nisqy, Jensen, and Svenskeren, who have been left without a starting lineup. Even superstar AD carry Rekkles struggled to find a place on an LEC or LCS roster and eventually joined Karmine Corp in the LFL.

Mikyx’s Impressive Accomplishments

Mikyx has been the starting support player for G2 Esports since late 2018 and has achieved numerous successes during his three-year tenure. He secured four consecutive LEC championships from 2019 to 2020, won an MSI trophy, and finished in the top three at the World Championship twice. Throughout his career, Mikyx has played alongside notable players such as Kobbe, Hans sama, Perkz, Caps, and Rekkles.

Challenging Times for Mikyx and G2 Esports

The past year proved to be one of the toughest for Mikyx and the G2 organization. The team failed to reach the LEC finals in both splits and did not qualify for Worlds, a first in the organization’s history. Despite having one of the most talented rosters on paper, G2 struggled to maintain the same level of synergy as in previous splits.

In an effort to facilitate Mikyx’s transfer, G2’s CEO Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago reduced the buyout price to 250,000 euros three weeks ago. However, no deal could be reached. Reports from September indicated that Mikyx’s original buyout price was 1.5 million euros.

Awaiting Mikyx’s Next Team

Many League of Legends fans are eagerly anticipating whether a team will sign Mikyx as a midseason addition to their lineup. With his experience and skill as a support player, it is highly likely that he will find a new team for the summer season soon.

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