Midas Mode: The Dota 2-Monopoly Mashup Arrives in November

MoonduckTV, the creators of Elimination Mode, are bringing a touch of sophistication to their custom rules event series for Dota 2 fans. From November 18 to 28, they will be hosting a new concept called “Midas Mode.”

Midas Mode is a tournament that will feature eight teams, four from Europe and four from North America, competing against each other with economy management as the central theme.

Each team will be given a fixed amount of currency called “Moonbucks.” They can spend Moonbucks on in-game actions such as picking and banning heroes, choosing their side (Radiant or Dire), and even pausing the game.

The price of heroes will vary based on their popularity and individual win rates at the event. After each match, the cost of each hero will change, increasing if it wins and decreasing if it loses.

This creates opportunities for teams to acquire niche picks or comfort heroes at a lower cost. On the other hand, teams can also choose to pick strong heroes early on to make them too expensive for the opponent to pick or ban.

If a team runs out of Moonbucks, they will face certain penalties. They won’t be able to ban heroes, choose sides, or pause the game. Additionally, they will only have access to the event’s worst-performing heroes.

However, there will be a bounty system in place that allows teams to earn back their money. Viewers will suggest challenges each week, and completing these challenges will reward teams with Moonbucks.

The challenges can range from simple tasks like winning a game with a specific hero to more difficult ones like drafting a lineup consisting entirely of flying heroes. The harder the challenge, the higher the monetary reward.

While Midas Mode is not part of the Pro Circuit, it offers a fun and light-hearted tournament experience for Dota 2 fans. The event will feature top-tier teams such as Evil Geniuses, Immortals, OG, and even International champions Team Liquid.

The total prize pool for Midas Mode has not been announced yet, but based on the previous season of Elimination Mode, it could be around $25,000.

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