MarsTV scraps Dota 2 LAN finals due to rescheduling of Kiev Major

China’s Dota 2 Tournament Cancels LAN Finals After Valve’s Major Rescheduling

One of China’s biggest Dota 2 events, the MarsTV Dota 2 League, has decided to cancel its upcoming LAN finals due to Valve rescheduling their first Major tournament of the year.

Teams participating in the MarsTV Dota 2 League expressed discomfort in traveling to China so soon after the recently rescheduled Kiev Major.

Valve’s Rescheduling Decision

About two weeks ago, Valve announced that they would be rescheduling the Kiev Major by a week in order to accommodate other significant events that were planned before the $3 million tournament. It is believed that Valve was referring to the Dota 2 Asian Championship when making this decision.

Timing Conflicts and Delays

While the MarsTV Dota 2 League had announced the dates for its LAN finals a month before, the Dota 2 Asian Championship’s dates were not revealed until December 19 last year. This difference in timing may have contributed to teams feeling hesitant about making the trip to China.

Criticisms Faced by the Kiev Major

The Kiev Major has already faced criticism even before its start. Apart from the rescheduling, fans faced difficulty in purchasing tickets due to widespread scalping. Additionally, Valve has not yet announced the full list of teams invited to the Kiev Major’s online qualifiers, which are set to begin on March 6.

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