Liquid’s Domination at the MegaFon Winter Clash

Natus Vincere and Team Liquid Secure Top Seeds at MegaFon Winter Clash

After the group stage concluded, Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) and Team Liquid emerged as the top seeds at the MegaFon Winter Clash.

Fierce Competition in Group A

Group A was filled with top-tier talent, making for an intense competition. With teams like Na’Vi, Team Secret, and Virtus Pro, every match was challenging.

Na’Vi and Secret kicked off the group stage with a three-game series. Na’Vi struggled initially, but managed to defeat Secret in game two. However, Secret came back strong in the deciding game, ultimately winning the series 2-1.

Secret faced Virtus Pro in the second series and experienced a similar pattern. VP dominated game one, but Secret turned the tables in game two with a quick victory. However, VP emerged victorious in game three, securing a 2-1 win over Secret.

VP then faced Na’Vi, who surprised everyone by beating VP at their own game. Na’Vi’s exceptional performance resulted in a 2-0 sweep, earning them the top seed in Group A.

Liquid Dominates Group B

In Group B, Team Liquid showcased their dominance by defeating both LGD Gaming and Forward Gaming. Liquid easily won their opening series against Forward with a 2-0 victory.

Their series against LGD was more closely contested, but Liquid still emerged victorious in each game. With a solid performance, Liquid secured the top seed in Group B.

The Playoffs and Liquid’s Dominance

In the playoffs, Forward Gaming fought hard against Team Secret but ultimately lost the series. Secret secured their spot for the next round.

The series between LGD and VP was a close one, with LGD narrowly winning the first game. However, LGD completely shut down VP in game two, resulting in a quick victory for LGD.

The final match featured Liquid against Na’Vi. Liquid displayed their dominant playstyle and quickly defeated Na’Vi in both games, securing a sweep and establishing themselves as the team to beat.

The Road to the Grand Finals

Na’Vi will face the winner of the Secret vs LGD match in the losers finals, where the victor will challenge Team Liquid in the grand finals.

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