Liquid and Newbee to face off in grand finals rematch at ESL One Genting

Newbee and Team Liquid Set for Rematch in The International 7 Grand Finals

After months of anticipation, esports fans will finally get to witness the rematch between Newbee and Team Liquid in the grand finals of The International 7. Both teams secured their spots in the finals after defeating their opponents, Team Secret and Evil Geniuses, in the semifinals at ESL One Genting.

Star Performances in Semifinals

In the best-of-three semifinal matches, both Newbee and Team Liquid won their games with relative ease. Newbee’s star player, Song “Sccc” Chun, stood out in game one against Team Secret, scoring 14 kills with only one death while playing Templar Assassin. However, Xu “Moogy” Han surprised everyone by dealing more damage to Secret’s heroes with Luna. In game two, Newbee had to fight hard for their victory as Team Secret took the lead in net worth. But Sccc’s exceptional performance, with 800 gold per minute and 69,400 points of hero damage, ultimately secured the win for Newbee.

Liquid Dominates Against EG

Team Liquid had a relatively easy time in their match against Evil Geniuses. They won the first map in just 22 minutes, with their players dying only five times throughout the game. In the second map, Liquid completely dominated, boasting a scoreline of 40-8 and a 30k gold lead. Miracle- particularly shined, going 19-1 on Sniper. EG had no chance and surrendered after 36 minutes.

Set for a Best-of-Five Showdown

Now, Newbee and Team Liquid are set to face off in their first best-of-five series since last year’s TI7 grand finals. In the documentary series True Sight, the devastating loss of Newbee to Liquid was highlighted. This rematch gives Newbee the opportunity to seek revenge, but they will have to go up against a formidable Liquid team that has been unstoppable since their TI7 victory.

Don’t miss the exciting conclusion of ESL One Genting 2018, happening tomorrow at 2am ET. You can watch the match live on ESL One’s official website and ESL’s Facebook page.

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