Liquid and Fnatic dominate to secure spots in The Chongqing Major playoffs

Fnatic Continues Strong Performance at The Chongqing Major

Fnatic has been performing well at The Chongqing Major, despite losing their only two games to EHOME. After being placed in the lower bracket, they have been on a winning streak.

Fnatic’s Next Challenge: J Storm

Their next opponent was J Storm, a formidable team that was also in good form. While Fnatic had a strong start, J Storm was able to slow down the game around the 18-minute mark.

To that point, Fnatic had been dominating team fights and controlling the tempo. However, J Storm was content to play defensively and choose their fights carefully.

The game lasted for over 53 minutes and was characterized by a defensive playstyle. Both teams were cautious until around the 42-minute mark when they began trading kills. Eventually, Fnatic emerged victorious.

J Storm Eliminated by Fnatic

In the second game, all the pressure was on J Storm to stay in the tournament. However, Fnatic countered every move from J Storm, leading to their elimination at 9th to 12th place.

Team Liquid Secures Spot in Top Eight

Team Liquid faced off against TNC Predator to secure the final spot in the top eight. TNC started strong in game one but underestimated Liquid’s counterattacks. Liquid turned the game around and won decisively.

In game two, Liquid took an early lead and although TNC made a small comeback, it wasn’t enough. Liquid defeated TNC and advanced to the top eight to face Fnatic in the next round.

Matches will resume on January 25th at 10pm CT with Vici Gaming playing against Evil Geniuses.

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