LGD snaps Rare Atom’s 9-game win streak in the 2021 LPL Spring Split

LGD Gaming Secures Victory over Rare Atom in Intense 2021 LPL Spring Split Match

The ninth week of the 2021 LPL Spring Split started off with an action-packed series between LGD Gaming and Rare Atom. LGD fought hard to secure a spot in the Spring Split playoffs, while Rare Atom aimed to extend their impressive 10-series win streak.

In a thrilling three-game series, LGD emerged victorious with a 2-1 score, ending Rare Atom’s four-week undefeated streak. Both teams showcased a proactive playstyle and engaged in bloody early phases, making for an intense matchup.

Surprising Level-One Dive Gives Rare Atom Early Advantage

Rare Atom made an unexpected move in the series by executing a bold level-one dive on LGD’s bot side before the one-minute mark. This surprising action caught LGD off guard, as the four members of Rare Atom quickly eliminated LGD’s bot laner Kramer under his turret, securing an advantageous start.

LGD Fights Back to Secure First Win

LGD retaliated by performing a dive on the top side of the Rift at level four, resulting in two kills on Rare Atom’s players. Throughout the game, Udyr’s Leyan constantly harassed the top lane, contributing to LGD’s victory in the first game of the series.

Each game in the series followed the fast-paced and action-packed style characteristic of the LPL. Both teams engaged in invades, early dives, jungle skirmishes, and intense teamfights around neutral objectives. Despite the high tempo, the games had a longer duration due to the balanced gameplay between both teams.

Rare Atom’s bot laner iBoy delivered a strong performance, but it wasn’t enough to secure the victory. Jungler Leyan took risky picks like Mundo and Karthus, which didn’t pay off due to heavy focus in the ban phases.

Notable Players and MVPs

LGD’s bot laner Kramer showcased clean positioning and strong mechanical skills, earning him the title of MVP in the first game as Jinx. He also made impactful plays on Aphelios in the last game. Rare Atom’s mid laner Uniboy was voted MVP in the third game for his clutch shockwaves on Orianna.

LGD’s Playoff Hopes and Upcoming Matches

With this victory, LGD currently holds 13th place in the LPL standings with a 4-8 record. Their chances of qualifying for the 2021 LPL Spring Split playoffs are slim, especially considering they have upcoming matches against top teams like Invictus Gaming, RNG, and JDG. Despite the challenges, LGD fans remain hopeful for a strong performance from the team of rookies.

In their next match, LGD will face off against OMG on March 22nd at 3am CT, while Rare Atom will have a chance to bounce back by playing against RNG on the same day.

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