LGD Gaming Takes Down Victory Five in LPL’s 2020 Summer Split Week 2

LGD Gaming Continues Winning Streak, Defeats Victory Five in Exciting League of Legends Series

LGD Gaming secured another impressive victory today against Victory Five in the highly-anticipated League of Legends series. Victory Five, who held the first seed in LPL’s Summer Split standings, put up a tough fight, but LGD Gaming emerged victorious.

One of the standout performers of the day was Han “Peanut” Wang-ho, former SKT jungler. Peanut showcased his skills in all three games, contributing significantly to LGD’s success. Despite this, the MVP votes went to his teammates. Ha “Kramer” Jong-hun, the bottom laner, received one vote for his outstanding performance as Ezreal in the first game. Ling “Mark” Xu, LGD’s support player, received another MVP vote for his exceptional play as Leona in the third game.

The first game saw Victory Five take control early on, securing the first Rift Herald and dragon. While LGD Gaming gave up early objectives, they focused on outplaying their opponents in lane to secure CS leads. Despite being behind in gold, LGD played with controlled aggression and utilized their power spikes effectively, ultimately winning the game.

The second game had a reverse situation, with LGD Gaming taking an early lead. However, Victory Five played a control-focused style and managed to come out ahead, tying the series.

After a tough loss in the second game, LGD Gaming bounced back stronger than ever. They executed nearly flawlessly, closing out the series in their favor. Kramer’s exceptional performance on Aphelios, along with Mark’s brilliant engages as a support, propelled LGD to victory in team fights.

LGD Gaming underwent significant changes in the offseason, rebuilding their roster around Peanut and Kramer. These changes seem to be paying off, as the team has shown significant improvement compared to their performance in the Spring Split, where they finished 15th out of 17th. If LGD can maintain their current form, they have a strong chance of securing a middle-of-the-pack playoff spot.

Looking ahead, LGD Gaming faces challenging matches next week. Their first match is against Dominus Esports, which should be relatively easy. However, their second match against Top Esports will be a true test of LGD’s skill. Top Esports recently dominated the Mid-Season Cup and are considered a formidable opponent. Tune in to the official Riot Games LPL channel next week to catch these exciting matches.

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