LGD Gaming Claims Victory at MDL 2017, Triumphs Over Own Junior Squad

Mars Dota 2 League: LGD Gaming Emerges Victorious

The Mars Dota 2 League (MDL) concluded with LGD Gaming coming out on top after a thrilling five-game series against their junior team, LGD.Forever Young. The victory not only solidifies LGD’s reputation as one of China’s top teams but also marks their first championship win since G-League 2015. With the tournament lasting nearly four hours, LGD exhibited more stamina and ultimately won in a decisive fifth game, which was the shortest of the series.

China’s Dominance in Dota 2

Despite rumors of a decline in Dota 2’s popularity in China, MDL showcased the region’s consistent production of strong teams and players. While Evil Geniuses may have been experimenting with unconventional strategies and engaging in banter on Twitter, OG was fully committed. China now has the upper hand, and Western teams would do well to analyze the metagame from MDL as they prepare for The International 7 in a few weeks.

LGD Forever Young’s Impressive Performance

LGD Forever Young can take pride in their performance, proving that their victory in the challenging Chinese qualifiers for The International 7 was well-deserved. Du “Monet” Peng, emerging as a rising star in the region, and the team’s versatile hero pool make them adaptable to any changes made to the Dota 2 metagame.

A Diverse and Exciting Metagame

The MDL showcased a healthy Dota 2 metagame with a mix of lengthy brawls and quick stomps, with 37 different heroes picked over the five games. Teamfighting compositions are en vogue, revolving around the timing of powerful ultimates with long cooldowns. Additionally, teams are exploring non-traditional midlaners, opting for heroes like Ancient Apparition and Earthshaker. Whether this metagame persists until The International remains uncertain.

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