LGD Forever Young remains undefeated in the TI7 group stage

Impressive Performance from LGD.Forever Young at The International 7

After another day of action at The International 7, it is becoming clear which teams will make it to the playoff stage. However, with two days remaining, there is one team that is standing out from the rest – LGD.Forever Young. This surprise Chinese team has defeated every opponent they have faced so far and is proving to be a strong force in the tournament.

LGD.Forever Young is the sister team to the more established Chinese side LGD. But surprisingly, they are outperforming their counterparts. After two days of games, they are unbeaten.

Despite having relatively easier opponents on the first day of the group stage, LGD.Forever Young has shown that they are capable of defeating more established teams as well. They have impressively taken down two of the tournament favorites, Invictus Gaming and Virtus Pro.

The series against Virtus Pro was particularly impressive as LGD.Forever Young completely dominated and won in less than 16 minutes. Super and Ahfu showcased outstanding performances with Razor and Earthshaker respectively.

Next, LGD.Forever Young will face Newbee, which is the most important game for them on the third day of matches. If they manage to remain undefeated, they will have defeated at least three tournament favorites in just three days, making them one of the top contenders heading into the playoffs.

Struggles for Southeast Asian all-star team Fnatic

On the other hand, the Southeast Asian all-star team Fnatic has had a disappointing performance at The International 7. The roster, consisting of prominent players from Southeast Asia, including QO, Ohaiyo, and DJ, has been struggling.

So far, Fnatic has only won one game and is currently in last place in Group A, behind teams like Team Empire and Infamous. This outcome is surprising considering the success these players had when they were competing on separate rosters last year.

In the previous year’s International, Fnatic also had a slow start in the group stage but managed to make an impressive run in the playoffs. However, this time, if Fnatic remains in last place, they will be eliminated before having a chance to stage a comeback.

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