LGD drastically reduces its Dota 2 players

Chinese Dota 2 Organization LGD Releases Players Ahead of International 7

One of the biggest names in Chinese Dota 2, LGD, has released most of its players from both the main squad and academy team. This move is likely an attempt to build the strongest roster for the upcoming International 7 in August. The deadline for roster changes before the event was May 3, after the conclusion of the Kiev Major.

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On the Dota 2 Major registration site, which documents all roster changes before Valve events, four players from LGD and the entire LGD.Forever Young academy roster have been listed as released from the organization.

The only player from LGD’s main roster who appears to have been kept is offlaner Ren “old eLeVeN” Yangwei. However, the team’s star player, Lu “Maybe” Yao, is listed as removed, despite signing an extended contract with the organization through 2019.

Although LGD’s decision to release its Dota 2 division may seem controversial, it is not surprising. LGD and LGD.Forever Young have not performed well in LAN events for almost a year and both teams failed to qualify for the Kiev Major. They were unable to advance past the initial round robin group stage of the Chinese qualifiers.

It is unclear whether LGD will have two rosters in the International 7 qualifiers, form one super team, or if there is a bug on the Dota 2 Major registration site.

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