LGD and Secret Lead Group B Standings at The Chongqing Major

Group B at The Chongqing Major: Team Secret Dominates, LGD Gaming Makes Comeback

Group B at The Chongqing Major showcased an exciting set of matches, following the fireworks in Group A. Team Secret started the day strong with a 2-0 sweep of Thunder Predators. Despite a close second match, Secret came out on top.

In the following match, LGD Gaming faced Forward Gaming and struggled in game one. However, LGD bounced back in game two, tying the series 1-1. They secured a comeback victory in game three, mirroring Forward’s earlier performance.

Next, LGD faced off against Secret. LGD controlled the map and shut down Secret’s big plays, resulting in a one-sided victory for the Chinese team. Game two was closer, but LGD held on to claim the top seed in Group B.

In the loser match, Forward and Thunder Predators battled for a chance to enter the upper bracket. After a close game one, Forward won with last-second heroics. In game two, Thunder Predators dominated and looked poised for a comeback victory, but Forward turned the tables and secured their spot in the upper bracket in game three.

The final series of Group B featured a fierce face-off between Team Secret and Forward. Secret narrowly won game one, but Forward bounced back in game two and secured a third game against their opponents. The deciding game was aggressive, with both teams vying to avoid being caught off-guard. Secret emerged victorious with a strong second half, securing a 2-1 victory and a spot in the upper bracket for the main event.

With Group B concluded, Groups C and D will take the stage on Jan. 19 at 8pm CT, beginning with the match between Team Liquid and The Pango.

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