LFY maintains dominance while Fnatic faces critical situation on third day of TI7

Teams Secure Spots in The International 7 Playoffs

The group stage of The International 7 is well underway, with some teams already securing their spots in the main event playoffs. It’s become clear that the teams that came prepared are taking full advantage of the double-elimination format.

Chinese team LGD Forever Young had a perfect record until their first defeat by Digital Chaos. The American team dominated the game, with Abed Yusop achieving an impressive run of 10 kills, zero deaths, and 18 assists.

Top Team in Group B

LGD Forever Young’s performance has helped them secure first place in Group B and a spot in the upper bracket. Their final game of the group stage will be against OG, who are barely holding onto an upper bracket position with a 7-5 record.

Tied for Second Place

Virtus Pro and Newbee are tied for second place in Group B, with 8-4 records. Both teams have been performing as expected and have steady win-loss records throughout the group stage.

Cloud9 Struggles in Group B

Cloud9 and HellRaisers are in the bottom two spots of Group B. Cloud9’s current placing is surprising given their pre-tournament results. However, it seems that their classic “Clown9” style is still present. They’ll need to improve if they want to survive the lower bracket.

Fnatic’s Struggles Continue

Fnatic failed to turn their luck around on day three, going winless once again. Their coordination seems off, suggesting possible team chemistry issues. They’ll face tough competition against Evil Geniuses, so avoiding elimination will be difficult.

Upper Bracket Positions Secured

In Group A, Team Liquid and LGD Gaming have secured their spots in the upper bracket. Team Liquid has been dominant and confident, while LGD Gaming has shown strength against their rivals.

EG and TNC are tied with each other at 9-5 and are likely to secure the last two upper bracket spots in Group A.

TNC’s performance has been inspiring, with strong decision-making as a team. They have a good chance of advancing past the first round of the upper bracket.

Overall, the group stage of The International 7 has been intense, with teams battling for playoff spots. Fans can expect even more excitement as the tournament progresses.

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