Level 12 Brand defeats Level 15 Twisted Fate with just one kill, despite dying

Titled: Brand Pulls Off Shocking Elimination on Twisted Fate in League of Legends

In a recent clip shared by Reddit user detaramegoeg, a surprising elimination occurred in a League of Legends match. Despite being significantly behind in levels and kills, a Brand player managed to take down a stronger Twisted Fate player.

The incident unfolded when the level 15 Twisted Fate lay in wait in a bush for the level 12 enemy Brand. TF used their Pick a Card ability, selecting the gold card to stun Brand.

As Brand approached, Twisted Fate unleashed their abilities. They followed up the gold card stun with Wild Cards and empowered basic attacks using Stacked Deck. Twisted Fate’s ally, Caitlyn, then used Ace in the Hole to secure the kill.

However, eliminating Brand didn’t happen as smoothly as Twisted Fate had hoped. Once the stun wore off, Brand retaliated with their abilities, including Pyroclasm, which rebounded from Raptors and hit Twisted Fate once more.

Despite being at a disadvantage in terms of levels and items, Brand’s passive and their Liandry’s Anguish proved to be powerful enough to kill Twisted Fate. This brought Brand’s scoreline to 2/15/7, while Twisted Fate’s score dropped to 13/10/10.

This incident serves as a reminder to never underestimate the enormous damage potential of Brand’s Burning Vengeance ability in League of Legends, regardless of their level.

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