LEC confirms Treatz’s eligibility for Rookie of the Split

SK Gaming Support Treatz Eligible for 2021 LEC Spring Split Rookie of the Split Award

According to Riot Games, SK Gaming support Treatz has the opportunity to win the Rookie of the Split award for the 2021 LEC Spring Split.

Voting Period for 2021 Spring Split Awards Begins

The end of the LEC regular season is approaching, and so is the voting period for the 2021 Spring Split awards. This year, the All-Pro Team voting is open to the community for the first time.

Changes to Coach of the Split Award

The Coach of the Split award has undergone changes as well. It is now awarded to a coaching staff rather than just the head coach of a team. The MVP and Rookie of the Split awards remain the same.

Confusion Over Rookie of the Split Award

There was initially confusion regarding the rookie award after a post on the official LoL Esports site omitted some of the LEC’s eligible rookies. The absence of Excel’s mid laner Czekolad and Treatz was noticed by fans, but it was later clarified that Treatz is eligible for the Rookie of the Split award.

In a clarification, the LEC confirmed that Treatz will be eligible for the award. Treatz meets the criteria for the award as he played less than 50 percent of the 2020 LCS Summer Split matches during his time on TSM.

Fan voting for the All-Pro team will open after week eight of the 2021 LEC Spring Split.

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