League streamer achieves level up and wins crucial fight by destroying vision ward

League of Legends Streamer Makes Amazing Play: Vakin’s Clutch Move

A popular League of Legends streamer, Vakin, recently made an incredible play during one of his streams. He managed to turn the tide of a fight and eliminate multiple enemies in the process.

Playing as Olaf in the jungle, Vakin rushed to assist his teammate Sylas, who was being chased by two enemies in the river. Unfortunately, Sylas was taken down early in the fight, leaving Olaf to face off against Twisted Fate and Nocturne alone.

Vakin quickly shifted his focus to Nocturne after being outrun by Twisted Fate. He successfully eliminated Nocturne before hiding in a bush, setting the stage for a dramatic turn of events in the fight.

With just a sliver of experience away from reaching level six, Vakin made a smart move. He destroyed a vision ward in the bush, instantly leveling up and gaining access to his ultimate ability.

Once Vakin reached level six, not even Twisted Fate’s yellow card could stop him. He went on a rampage, tearing through Twisted Fate, Samira, and Nautilus.

Vakin is known for his expertise with Olaf, as he is a highly ranked jungle player and a champion multiple times over in the Twitch Rivals tournament. This impressive play showcased his mastery of the champion and his strong awareness of the map.

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