League Patch 11.24: Riot’s Updates to Axiom Arc’s ultimate refund, Predator’s max movement speed, and Chemtech Soul Nerfs

Riot Games Adjusts League of Legends in Preseason Update

Riot Games continues to make adjustments to League of Legends in preparation for the new year. In the latest patch, they are nerfing several new systems and items, as well as Camille’s abilities.

In Patch 11.24, Axiom Arc will have a reduced ultimate ability cooldown refund by 5%. Evenshroud’s damage increase will be reduced by 3%, and the Crown of the Shattered Queen’s ability power will be nerfed by 10%. These changes aim to fine-tune these items and systems before the start of the new season.

Nerfs to Predator and Cosmic Drive

Predator, a popular rune choice among champions for its roaming abilities, is receiving a major nerf. Its maximum movement speed buff will be reduced from 60% to 45%, and its ramp-up time will be increased by half a second. Additionally, Cosmic Drive, a favored item for mages, will see nerfs to its ability power, health, and spelldance movement speed.

Changes to Dragons and Camille

The addition of new dragons, such as the Chemtech Dragon, brought new dynamics to Summoner’s Rift. Riot is adjusting these dragons by reducing the bleed time by a second and decreasing the damage output reduction from 33% to 40%. Additionally, Camille will experience minor nerfs to her Hookshot cooldown and Tactical Sweep damage in its sweet spot.

Patch 11.24 is set to go live on December 8.

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