League Patch 10.12 greatly boosts Volibear’s win rate, rising by an impressive 8 percent

Volibear has significantly improved in League of Legends and now ranks as one of the top champions.

The Thundergod currently holds the highest win rate in solo queue at 52.97%, an increase of 8% from the previous patch where he had a win rate of 44.75%.

However, in the top lane, Volibear’s performance is not as impressive with a win rate of 49.78%. But in the jungle, he ranks as the second-highest in the Platinum division and above. Although he hasn’t been played competitively yet, it is highly likely that he will make his debut soon.

Volibear underwent a rework in Patch 10.11, which included changes to his visuals, abilities, and stats. Initially, the result was an unbalanced champion lacking identity.

However, after a hotfix and additional buffs in Patch 10.12, with a focus on his Thundering Smash (Q) and Sky Splitter (E) abilities, Volibear’s performance has drastically improved.

Riot Games increased Volibear’s damage on his core abilities, as well as his mana and health growth. They also made adjustments to his ultimate ability and implemented quality of life changes. As a result, Volibear has transformed into an unstoppable killing machine, capable of easily diving his enemies.

Another factor contributing to Volibear’s increased win rate could be the player base. It takes time for players to learn the intricacies of a new champion. The time spent discovering the optimal build and adapting to Volibear’s new playstyle may have contributed to his recent success.

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