LoL Community Urges Riot to Transform Galio into an Authentic Anti-Magic Goliath

By Ishaan Khatri

Galio: The Massive Colossus in League of Legends

League of Legends features champions of various shapes and sizes, but none are as immense as Galio. This colossal character serves as a towering shield for the people of Demacia, and fans are eager to see him match his lore’s impressive proportions.

Community Requests for Galio’s Ability Set

In a similar fashion to Cho’Gath, the League community is urging Riot Games to make changes to Galio’s abilities, allowing him to scale in size as he progresses in the game. On the game’s official subreddit, a player suggests that Galio should grow in size as he gains more magic resist, resembling his massive stature in the lore.

Infernal Galio
Towering over the competition. Image via Riot Games

The Towering Gargoyle of Demacia

Galio is a towering gargoyle composed of petricite, a material that absorbs and controls magical powers. Standing at an impressive 25 meters tall, equivalent to a 10-story building, Galio possesses the ability to stomp, fly, and battle with the strength of a skilled soldier.

Riot Games’ Vision for Galio

Riot Games’ vision for Galio in Patch 14.6 aligns with fans’ desires. The update includes numerous nerfs and adjustments for top-tier champions, and lead gameplay designer Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison explained that they aim to steer Galio towards a more durable AP bruiser role, while avoiding excessive support buffs.

The Transformation of a Shield

As Galio grows stronger with additional items and buffs, it only makes sense for him to transform into a massive shield, akin to his role as a protector of Demacia. While he should retain decent damage-dealing capabilities, it shouldn’t be as overwhelming as his current straight AP damage-focused builds.

Imagine the spectacle of a well-fed Galio and Cho’Gath meeting on Summoner’s Rift, towering over their teammates like King Kong and Godzilla, captivating spectators as they clash in an epic battle.

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