League of Legends players divided on the value of Skarner’s long-awaited rework

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Skarner’s Long-Awaited Revamp Set to Hit League of Legends

After a two-year wait, the highly-anticipated visual and gameplay update for Skarner is almost ready to be launched on the live servers in League of Legends. Players are understandably excited, although some are slightly disappointed with the amount of time it took for the developers to complete the new version of the scorpion champion.

Debates Surrounding Skarner’s Rework

In a highly debated post on the League subreddit, players expressed their differing opinions on whether the Skarner rework was worth the wait. The discussions centered around his new abilities, updated appearance, and lore.

Cosmic Sting Skarner splash art in League of Legends
Waiting for VGUs feels like a lifetime. Image via Riot Games

Mixed Reactions to the Rework

Despite the excitement to play as the new Skarner and try out his skills, a vocal group of players was not impressed with the champion following the two-year rework. Others were also disappointed with Skarner’s redesigned Guardian of the Sands skin. However, it is important to note that the developers took their time to ensure they found the right direction for the rework without completely altering Skarner’s identity.

Player Feedback and Expectations

According to one user on Reddit, players should not encourage Riot to take excessive amounts of time for champion reworks. However, they acknowledged that Skarner’s new kit looks fun and his design is arguable whether it’s better or not. Despite the criticism, the overall sentiment is excitement for the new Skarner while acknowledging that a big company like Riot shouldn’t need so much time for updates.

Skarner’s Modernized Kit

Skarner’s new abilities and design have raised the champion’s standards to match the more recent releases. With fresh visual and audio effects, Skarner now has a modernized kit while still maintaining his classic feel. Originally released in 2011, Skarner is now on par with newer champions in the game.

Praise from Pro and Casual Players

Both professional and casual players have praised Skarner’s new abilities, with some LCS stars predicting that he will become a powerful top-tier jungler in the meta when Patch 14.7 is released in early April.

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