League of Legends fans rejoice as location and dates for MSI 2024 are revealed

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Riot Games Announces Details of the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2024

As the playoffs for Spring Splits wrap up around the world, Riot Games has finally released information about the first major international tournament of the year for professional League of Legends.

MSI 2024: A Chance to Compete for a Spot at Worlds

According to the announcement made today, this year’s Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) will be held in Chengdu, China from May 1 to 19. This is the first time in the history of MSI that the winning team will receive a guaranteed spot at the 2024 World Championship instead of just a cash prize.

The LCS’ FlyQuest is one of the two teams already qualified for MSI. Photo by Robert Paul / Riot Games via Flickr

Participating Teams and Tournament Format

The top two teams from each of the four major regions (LCS, LEC, LPL, and LCK) will be competing in the tournament, with the top seed from each region directly entering the bracket stage. The second seeds from the major regions, as well as the top seeds from the LLA, CBLoL, PCS, and VCS, will have to compete in the play-in stage to secure their spots in the bracket stage of MSI 2024.

The play-in stage will consist of two double-elimination brackets with four teams in each. The top two teams from each bracket will advance to the bracket stage, where they will compete in a single-elimination, best-of-five bracket until a champion is crowned.

Implications for Worlds Qualification

The team that emerges victorious at MSI will earn a spot at Worlds as an additional slot for their region, without affecting the original slots allocated. The second-place team will not gain immediate access to Worlds, but their region will have the opportunity to send another team to the tournament.

Uncertainty Surrounding the VCS

It is worth noting that the suspension of 32 players in the VCS due to an ongoing investigation of “unusual data” found in games raises questions about the VCS’s representation at this year’s MSI. The Spring Split of the VCS, which was previously put on hold, is set to resume on April 3, but the impact on the team’s participation in MSI remains unclear.

Exciting International Gameplay to Look Forward to

Fans can anticipate the start of the MSI broadcasts on May 1, featuring nearly three weeks of intense international gameplay. The tournament will conclude with the grand finals on May 19.

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