Gen.G emerges victorious over T1 in 3 different esports within the last month, following Seoul Dynasty’s OWL win

By Ishaan Khatri

Gen.G and T1 Take Rivalry to New Heights in South Korea

World-class esports organizations Gen.G and T1 have relocated their competitive teams to South Korea, intensifying their long-standing rivalry.

In a recent showdown, Gen.G emerged victorious over T1 in three different games: League of Legends, VALORANT, and Overwatch 2. While T1 did manage to secure a League of Legends victory on April 1st, the rest of the month belonged to Gen.G.

Gen.G and T1 have undergone significant changes in the offseason, consolidating their teams in Seoul. Previously, their teams were scattered across Korea and North America.

The rivalry between Gen.G and T1 in League of Legends has spanned multiple seasons. T1 initially appeared strong in the Spring Split, but Gen.G came out on top in the final, winning the 2023 Spring LCK title.

Both organizations have massive fanbases and a substantial following in Korean League of Legends. They have also started making waves in VALORANT and Overwatch 2.

In VALORANT, Gen.G and T1 initially built rosters in North America but failed to meet expectations. When Riot announced the franchising of professional VALORANT leagues, both organizations decided to leverage their established resources in Korea instead.

Moving to the Pacific League has benefited both teams, with Gen.G slightly outperforming T1.

Carpe, a notable name from T1, recently transitioned from professional Overwatch to VALORANT. T1 retained Carpe in the organization, and he is now honing his skills in a new esport.

T1’s former Overwatch League team, the Philadelphia Fusion, moved to Korea and rebranded as the Seoul Infernal. This move sets the stage for an exciting rivalry with Gen.G’s Seoul Dynasty.

Having only one professional team based in Korea in a game dominated by Korean players never seemed right. The addition of another team in Seoul not only adds to the Gen.G and T1 storyline but also benefits the overall ecosystem of Overwatch 2.

The opening match of the 2023 Overwatch League saw the Seoul Dynasty and Seoul Infernal competing against each other. Despite the rivalry, the players greeted each other warmly, showcasing their camaraderie.

April was an outstanding month for both Gen.G and T1, and the excitement is only just beginning as all six of their teams prepare to face each other in Seoul.

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