League of Legends players express frustration over delayed appearance of jungle monsters

You Can’t Smite What You Can’t See

An unfortunate bug in League of Legends left one player unable to steal Baron Nashor, ultimately leading to a defeat. The glitch, known as the fog of war issue, obstructed the player’s vision and dashed their hopes of victory.

When is Riot going to fix jungle camps momentarily not showing when entering fog of war? Cost me a late game Baron steal which could’ve won my team the game. This is a huge issue that I don’t see brought up or addressed that often at all. from leagueoflegends

In a close 35-minute match where both teams were evenly matched in gold, securing the Baron buff was crucial for victory. With no vision inside the pit except for a brief glimpse of Baron’s health from a Draven ultimate, the Ekko player had to execute their timing perfectly. However, upon flashing over the wall, the Baron was nowhere to be found.

Due to the strange fog of war mechanic, Baron didn’t immediately appear on the Ekko’s screen, giving the enemy jungler the opportunity to smite and secure the objective.

While this may be a common occurrence for many junglers, especially when it comes to jungle camps, where they temporarily disappear upon entering the fog of war, it is a frustrating experience. Initially, this may lead a jungler to suspect an enemy invasion, only for the camp to suddenly reappear and alleviate any concerns.

There are even claims from some players that control wards do not immediately appear when stepping into a bush. This means that players could unknowingly pass by a ward, granting the enemy team vision without realizing it.

It’s unclear whether this is an intentional feature or a bug that Riot Games plans to address. However, if it continues to cost players vital objectives, it may be resolved in a future patch.

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