League of Legends players express concerns about excessive damage in the game

Players of League of Legends came together in a Reddit post yesterday. The post gained a lot of popularity and even received Reddit Gold twice.

The writer of the post complains about the amount of damage champions in League of Legends can deal in the current meta. They express their desire for the game to go back to seasons three and four, when people apparently didn’t die as often.

This post has sparked a lot of discussion within the League of Legends community. Over the years, there have been numerous complaints on the game’s subreddit, ranging from issues with new runes to the perception that Riot Games doesn’t care about supports. This post, however, takes the negativity to another level.

Claim number one: Zed

Image via Riot Games

The first claim made by the poster is that Zed used to have to wear opponents down with shurikens before being able to all-in them at level six. However, this is still the case in the current meta. Zed relies on his shurikens for damage before he gets his ultimate ability. Once he has his ultimate and Ignite, he can go all-in and try to secure a kill.

The poster also argues that Zed couldn’t kill opponents with an all-in at level six in seasons three and four. But that’s not true. Zed has always been designed to go for kills at level six because he struggles against ranged laners before that. It has always been his playstyle.

Claim number two: Darius

Image via Riot Games

The second claim made by the poster is even worse than the first. They argue that bruisers or tanks used to be able to reach the back line without dying and deal damage to the carries. They use Darius as an example, stating that he gets “shredded to pieces” before reaching the back line.

However, Darius has always struggled to reach the back line due to his lack of mobility. He has been punished for poor positioning and for trying to bypass the enemy front line. It’s all about positioning, and the poster may not fully understand this aspect of the game. Darius is a powerful champion, but he needs to wait for fights to start or find a flank to effectively deal damage.

Garen and Yorick, both bruisers and juggernauts, are currently ranked among the best top laners in the game. This goes against the claim that life is terrible for this class of champions in League of Legends.

Claim number three: Wombo combos

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The third claim made by the poster is that wombo combos are pointless. They argue that stacking abilities like Orianna’s ultimate, Miss Fortune’s ultimate, Leona’s ultimate, and Jarvan’s abilities are futile because everyone is dead before the combo even starts.

It’s important to note that some of the champions mentioned in this specific combination are not primarily focused on dealing damage. Orianna’s ultimate is meant to clump enemies together for easier hits, not solely for dealing damage. Miss Fortune’s ultimate, on the other hand, is designed to wipe out entire teams.

Other wombo combo team compositions rely on one or two champions with game-ending abilities, while others set up the fights for them. If the damage dealers manage to kill everyone before the combo, that means they made a great play or the enemy team performed poorly. It doesn’t render the concept pointless.

The ending

Image via Riot Games

The post concludes with a melodramatic statement: “I miss old League of Legends.” However, it’s important to acknowledge that nostalgia tends to make things seem better than they actually were. The game has improved significantly over the years, with better balance and more diverse champion identities.

Complaining about League of Legends can indicate a passion for the game, but sometimes players develop a relationship with the game solely focused on finding reasons to make their own gameplay worse. This post may not lead to any changes within the game, but it sparks discussions and highlights different perspectives.

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